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In recent years, digitalization in companies has been slow, but with the ongoing pandemic, it has accelerated. This means that all companies now also want to advertise in the same arena as you and reach your potential talents with all kinds of advertising.

Reaching your audience

Today, it is not enough to just select an audience and set a certain amount of money for X number of days of advertising if you are to reach out through the noise. More people are competing for the same advertising space on social and digital media, and the person you want to reach must be exposed by your ad several times in order for you to attract their attention. It therefore takes good work for you to really achieve great results.


In trading, you need to reach a person multiple times for that person to buy a new product or service. When it comes to recruiting and employer advertising, at least the same approach is required for most ad impressions to get someone who is already employed by a company to apply for a new job. Therefore, a budget is needed that reaches the target group more than once!

Rules for tracking data place higher demands on the supplier

Nowadays, everyone who is online must approve how their browsing is tracked. This makes it easier for users to reject tracking, which has previously made it easy to target advertising very accurately. However, there are still ways to reach the right target audience, but it requires more of those who handle the actual advertising and that the data that is still available is better analyzed to adjust parameters that allow you to reach the right candidates at the lowest possible cost.

Broaden the funnel you are looking for

Since you are all advertising in the same areas, about the same people, it may be an idea to think about where your candidates are. In 2020, many companies struggled with layoffs and redundancies, which means that many are now reviewing their skills. Who exactly do you need as a company and how do you reach them? Through recruitment, or by developing existing staff? Sometimes you do not have to cross the river to fetch water. In addition, as many now work remotely, both local and national borders are increasingly blurred and a majority of our customers feel that it is easier to recruit new skills from other parts of Sweden today than e.g. from the metropolitan regions. So dare to broaden the funnel in terms of where your candidates might be and focus on finding just the one that would fit into the current position.

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